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Many thanks

I just wanted to say thank you for guiding me and the rest of the cast through an amazing production. Online was so challenging, but such a cool experience that I can now say I was a part of. I was so proud of the work that I put out and a lot of it is because of your guidance.


Thank You!

I really felt I have grown as an artist under your direction, and I’m truly grateful for that. You have made me fall in love with theatre all over again and I didn’t think it would be possible. This year for me, theatre was such an escape from the realities of everyday life and I’m so thankful of you for providing me that space to be myself and be free. 


Amazing job!

Rachel and Meredith, I just wanted to say again what an amazing job we think you have done this fall and winter.  You have created a place for drama and creative expression in our house and especially in [my daughter’s] life.  We are so thankful for the role that you both, her cast mates and drama has played in her life during this time.  Thank you so much!!  



Just wanted to send a big CONGRATULATIONS for your online production of Emma. You took on a whole new adventure with this production and you should be very proud of the final product! Thank you for taking the leap in this unprecedented time to try this new medium, and for the time and energy you put into the kids!  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future!


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