Our Mission

We (Young Artists’ Theatre) are committed to connecting and empowering youth through theatre performance and production. Our goal is to lift and encourage the creative voice and build confidence and self-esteem in today’s youth.


We will work together to create and offer opportunities for Young Artists to train in all areas of theatre to explore and develop their creative process as an artist.


We will provide a welcoming, collaborative community that is a safe and inclusive space for Young Artists to belong. 


We are here to empower the voices, thoughts, and actions of youth in our community through the art of theatre – building their confidence in themselves, their ideas, and the stories they want to tell. 

Our Values

We Believe
  • Theatre is for everyone. All people should feel included, valued, and free to be who they are without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, neurodiversity or physical ability. A diversity of voices, backgrounds, and experiences makes our work stronger.
  • Involvement in theatre teaches us invaluable life skills: self-esteem, empathy, communication, collaboration, resilience, and problem-solving
  • We learn as we live, and learning happens in the process of doing – we are interested in progress not perfection.
  • The young people we work with are artists now, not artists-in-training, or future artists – Their voices are powerful and important, and their stories can change the world.
  • We believe in a community that supports one another, and the larger theatre community; We are here to connect, not compete, with one another.
  • Mentors are an important part of our community, and every day brings opportunities for effective leadership. We encourage all young artists to be positive leaders and mentors for one another.