About Us


Welcome one and all to Young Artists’ Theatre, where exploring your creativity and celebrating what makes you – you, is highly encouraged! 

We are a theatre company dedicated to empowering today’s youth through involvement in all areas of theatre practice. Both Rachel and Meredith have a professional background in production and performance. So not only does Y.A.Theatre provide excellent training on stage, we also offers practical, hands-on experience in stage management and technical theatre (Think: lighting and set design, costume and prop building!)

We are here to create a collaborative space where young artists are encouraged to share their creative ideas and grow their leadership skills. Our focus is mentorship, with the goal to inspire the courage it takes to be who you are, and to discover a world of opportunity that awaits you. Young Artists have a voice, and it is strong. We are here to support and empower it. It’s in our name — young artists are at the heart of everything we do!

So…Let’s Go!

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Our Programs

We offer a variety of programs for children and youth in theatre arts. These include one-on-one lessons, group classes, workshops, camps, and fully staged theatrical productions. Whether you are an experienced performer looking to sharpen your skills, or entirely new to the world of theatre and looking to dip your toe in, we have a program to meet your needs.

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Our Team

All of our programs are led by highly qualified educators with professional experience in theatre. They are dedicated instructors that value the importance of their role in inspiring and building confidence in their students. We call them educators, but they are also artists who were once (avery long time ago) young artists themselves. As artists, they are eager to share their passion for theatre. As educators, they are excited to pass along their knowledge and provide young artists with hands on experience in their dedicated field.

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